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Referees: Therese Edin & Frida Nilsson

Singapore Floorball Open is bringing you one of the most famous pair of referees - Therese Edin and Frida Nilsson! This female pair has been refereeing together since 2010. Edin started back in 2001 while Nilsson in 2005.

They have had opportunities in refereeing for many important games. One of their highlights was in Sweden four years ago, where they won the title of Referees of The Year and were the first ever female referees to referee the Swedish Super League (SSL) Finals, also known as the championship game for the highest league in Sweden #womenpower! To top that, they had the honour to referee the semifinals in WUFC 2014, WFC 2015 and WUFC 2016 - with the semi-finals in 2015 being between Finland and Czech Republic!

They are truly honoured to be invited to Singapore Floorball Open this year. They hope that they are able to contribute with as much experience as possible with other referees from all over the world, who are coming down to SG Open.

Having refereed Team Singapore before, they are eagerly anticipating to visit our city of diverse culture and food, and also meet the nice people here. Do say “Hi!” when you see them around at Singapore Floorball Open 2019.

Hopefully you are looking forward for this event as they are! Head down to the Singapore Floorball Open Tournament (20th-23rd June) and Invitational (28th-30th June) to watch them referee the games.

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