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Participation categories

Category A- Hotel accommodation:
Hotel booked through SG Open. All participants have to pay the hotel cost and participant fee. The cost is inclusive of SG Open Experience Card and breakfast. Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals can be purchased separately.

Category B - Own accommodation: 
Teams arranging their own accommodation. All participants have to pay the participant fee.  Lunch and dinner vouchers for meals can be purchased separately. SG Open Experience Card can be purchased separately as well.

See costs and fees for each category

Who may participate?

All players who are registered with their IFF affiliated national floorball association, are welcome to participate in SG Open. In countries where floorball is operated by the schools, we also allow players affiliated by their school floorball association. If a player is not registered with their national floorball association, they must clarify their level of play over the past 2 years to be allowed. All players must be registered to be eligible to participate in the tournament

Number of teams in the tournament

The teams that have registered and paid the registration fee has priority. Registration counts as the date we receive the registration fee.

Which is the last date to register?

Deadline for making a registration is 15th of April, 2024. Please note that teams who have registered and paid their registration fee first will be given priority when we reach the maximum number of teams in each category. Keep in mind that some of the categories are very popular and will be fully booked early.

SG Experience Card

The SG Experience Card is included for all participants and accompanying families and friends who have booked their accommodation via SG Open.

For all participants that registered for the SG Open Tournament, but did not book an accommodation via SG Open, are given the special offer to top up to upgrade the SG Experience Card.

Read more about the SG Experience Card


Transport to and from the airport

Return transfer between the airport in Singapore and your accommodation is included in the accommodation cost. Note that there is only one return transfer per team/group included. The transfer is exclusively for teams, and NOT for accompanying families and friends.

Age control

All participants at SG Open must adhere to the age control to participate in the tournament. This is to make sure that all participants are eligible to participate in the age class they are enrolled in.

Hotel bookings for families and friends

For accompanying families and friends we can help with booking hotel to reasonable prices. For more information and booking, contact our hotel booking at


Important dates

April 10th: deadline for registration and registration fee payments as well as lodging arrangements transferred.

May 30th: deadline for overaged exceptions.

June 1st: deadline for digitally send the team list for the match record.

June 21st: publishing the final game schedule at our website and social media/

July 3rd: Arrival day, no matches are played

July 4th: The matches begin. Opening ceremony at Stadium.

July 7th: Finals and prize giving ceremony.


Only once we receive the payment of your registration fee, we will confirm your registration.


Important Note: 

Team Registration fees

  • Open            S$480

  • Pro               S$480

  • Under -21     S$380

  • Under -18     S$380

  • Under -15     S$380

The registration fee must be in the GED account by April 10th, 2024 


Participation fee, players and leaders (excluding local teams) 

  • Open            S$25

  • Pro               S$25

  • Under -21     S$25

  • Under -18     S$25

  • Under -15     S$25 

What is included:

  • Unique tournament t-shirt

  • 2 lucky draw

  • Designated seating for the finals,(Team level)

  • Singapore Experience Card, (Team level)


The accommodation cost and/or participation fee must be paid no later than APRIL 10th, 2024. If the accommodation cost and/or participation fee has not been paid for within five days after its due date SG Open has the right to cancel your registration without any right to a refund of the registration fee. For hotel accommodation see your booking confirmation.


Note that all bank transaction fees must be paid for by the team. You have to pay in the currency (SGD). Please observe that we do not accept any personal or company cheques.



If you need to cancel your registration, email The registration fee is non refundable unless the tournament is cancelled by the organiser or if the team is unable to participate due to Covid regulations and restrictions. In this case, the team will be given a full refund.

In case a player or leader must cancel the accommodation, the cost is only refundable if the cancellation is made at the latest April 10th. After April 10th a doctor's notice is required to get the accommodation cost refunded. 

Accommodation booked through SG Open

We reserve us the right during the tournament when needed to move a team from their accommodation to be lodged in another accommodation and the right to dismiss a participant from SG Open accommodation if the participant commits criminal offense or at repeated occasions violates our rules. For teams with booked accommodation through SG Open the team manager as indicated on the participants list is responsible for the team's behavior. 


The team manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the court. Each participant is responsible for his/her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Singapore must have personal medical insurance. Neither SG Open nor the organizer has collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or damages.

Cancellation of the tournament and force majeure

Neither SG Open nor the organizer is responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of SG Open or the organizer, such as war-like events, fire, flood, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.

*If the tournament is cancelled by the organizer, all teams will be given a full refund. If a team is unable to participate due to Covid regulations and restrictions, they will be given a full refund as well.

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