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What you missed from Summer Camp!

The first ever Summer Camp was held during SG Open III. Participants from all over the world joined us. We had participants from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and New Zealand.

The 7-day Summer Camp was led by Star Coaches from Sweden, as seen in the previous Summer Camp post. Participants had first-hand interaction with the coaches throughout the camp. During court trainings, many tactics and techniques were taught by the Coaches who are experts in certain areas of Floorball. Have a question? Enquire with the coaches immediately! They were constantly giving advices and feedback and always willing to help.

Participants asking Tobias Gustafsson question between drills

Jon Hedlund sharing with Jessica, a goalkeeper from one of Singapore's local club, some of his goalkeeping tricks

Besides learning from the best, participants also had the opportunity to play with the Swedish coaches. On the final day, there was a competition where participants were split into groups. Afterwards, the coaches challenged them for a 3 v 5 (with their respective team's goalkeeper). Who do you think won? Comment in the section below!

All Summer Camp participants had a blast during the week. Friendships were forged and they definitely left the camp as a more confident Floorball player. Listen to what some had to say about the Summer Camp.

-Participants from the Summer Camp Youth group

"Thanks to Summer Camp , we learned a lot. We will use our knowledge and skills (from this camp) to benefit ourselves and the younger generation as much as possible."

-Autthachai Sohtree, Thailand

So are you looking forward to join our next Summer Camp?


In 2020, SG Open IV is organising two completely separate Summer Camps designed for two groups - Youth and Elite.

If you are interested, keep a lookout on any of SG Open's space (website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) for updates regarding next year's event. For any enquiry, you can email us at

See you at the next Summer Camp!

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