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Referees: Thomas Jonsson & Olle Eliasson

Introducing our next pair of referees, we have Thomas Jansson and Olle Eliasson. Eliasson started refereeing 15 years ago. If you think that has been a long time, Jansson began coaching a whole decade before that! That's 25 years long... WOW! They are ranked as one of the top referee pairs in the highest league in Sweden, the Swedish Super League (SSL).

To mention a few major games, this super-pair refereed the Womens SSL finals two years ago, between IKSU and Kais Mora IF, as well as the semi-finals of the Women’s U19 WC 2018 in Saint Gallen, Switzerland.

I hope you are as excited as they are to attend Singapore Floorball Open. With neither of them having been to Asia, they are keen to get to know our culture. They are also looking forward to meeting all the referees during the Referee Course, happening on the 18th & 19th June @ CSC Changi, so that they can impart their wisdom as well as give useful feedback to improve the skills and knowledge of being a Floorball referee.

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