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1. Rules

The SG Open will be played in accordance with applicable sections of the IFF rules. When subject to interpretation of IFF rules or regulations, the English text applies.

2. Competition rules


All players must be registered to be eligible to participate in the tournament. All players in participating teams must declare their level of play and show they are registered with the national floorball association during the registration process.

If a player is not registered with their national floorball association, they must clarify their level of play over the past 2 years.


The teams are divided into groups of four or five where all the teams will meet in a round robin series. The order among the teams will be decided according to points. 3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.

If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:

  • Goal difference

  • Highest number of goals scored

  • Results in the match between the teams with equal points (head to head)

  • Penalty shoot-out according to the IFF rules


Where there is two groups, the top two teams in each group will advance to the semifinals where the 1st in the group will play the 2nd in the other group in the respective semifinals. 


Where there is only one group, the 1st will play the 4th in the first semifinals while the 2nd and 3rd will play in the second semifinals. All playoff games will be decided by the cup system, i.e. by direct elimination. A draw in the playoff will be decided by penalty shoot-out according to the IFF rules.

3. Age categories 2023


Elite: All international Teams, Singapore League division 1 teams and players. (Lower divisions are invited to join elite if they wish)

Pro: All international teams, Singapore League division 2 and below. No division 1 players are allowed to participate in this category.

U21: All players must turn 21 years old during 2023 or younger.

U17: All players must turn 17 during 2023 or younger.


Elite: All international Teams, Singapore League division 1 teams. (Lower division teams are invited to join elite if they wish)

Pro: All Asia-Oceania teams, Singapore League division 2 and below. No division 1 players are allowed to participate in this category.

U21: All players must turn 21 years old during 2023 or younger.

U17: All players must turn 17 during 2023 or younger.


* All players in U21 and U17 are required to adhere to the age control strictly.

* A team in a younger category is allowed to register for an OLDER category and play in both. Game schedule permitting it possible.


4. Playing period




5. Number of players and substitution


There is a limit of a maximum of 20 players in each team. Each game, all 20 players will be permitted to be registered and be eligible to play. All substitutions should be done within the technical bench area of the team.



It is permitted to use a player from the same club in several teams but not in the same age category. This player must be on the participant list of all teams he or she will play for. 

6. Proof of age and participant list

Each team must submit a list of players to the SG Open Team by 01/06/23. All players MUST be able to identify themselves and to certify their age with a valid passport/ ID document. Please note, a copy of the passport or ID document is not accepted.

An age control check can be carried out at any playing courts used during SG Open at any point of time. Each player on the list must be present and be able to show proof of identity. Teams using non-eligible players can be excluded from the tournament.

Injured player(s) will not be allowed to be replaced on the list of participants.

7. Match information

7.1 Team list

The number each player has on the team list must be the same as the number of the shirt. All players on the team list are considered as if they have participated in the match. Random checks of team list and participant lists will be carried out.

7.2 Player uniforms

All players in the team MUST wear the same jersey top. Shorts and socks have to be of the same colour. All teams are required to have BOTH a home and away jersey set.

All team shirts must be numbered, and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team list. Numbers must be on the back of the shirts. Two players may not use the same number in any given match.

If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team’s shirts, the team appearing last in the match schedule has to change

All players MUST wear non-marking shoes.


7.3 Before, during and after the match

All teams are required to be ready at their designated courts 10 mins before the start of their game.

The responsible team official (team manager/ coach) must immediately after the match, sign the match statistics form in order to confirm the match result and other events during the match. Failure to sign may result in a notification to the SG Open competition jury.


The teams are responsible for their supporters’ conduct. Bad supporters’ behaviour or conduct can result in team’s exclusion from the tournament.

8. Referees

The referees are authorized by the Singapore Floorball Association or another national Floorball Association. If you have comments about the referees, you are more than welcome to leave your feedback to the SG Open team.

9. Tournament jury

The jury of the tournament consists of representatives of the SG Open Team. The jury handles protests and sanction matters. The decisions of the jury cannot be appealed.

10. Protests and sanctions


Any and all protests must be made in writing and delivered by a responsible official to the SG Open team no later than 90 minutes after the match is finished.

A protest fee of SGD$150 will be paid at the same time. This fee will be non-refundable.

10.2 Cautions and sending-off offences

Any player given a match penalty 2/ match penalty 3 is automatically suspended from participation in the following match.

The tournament jury can decide about suspension for further matches in the case of match penalty 3.

Each team has the responsibility that a suspended player does not participate in a match/es where he or she is suspended.

Severe offences will be reported to the Floorball Association of the nation concerned.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a player that is suspended participates in a match, the team with the suspended player automatically loses the match with 0-10.

11. Walk over, abandoned match


Any team not appearing at the appointed time and place for a match will concede defeat  by 0-10, after a decision by the jury. If a team repeatedly fail to appear at the matches, the team may be excluded from the tournament. In special cases, the tournament jury may decide to exclude a team at the first offence, i.e. if a deliberate walkover favors the own team or is unfair to another team in the group.


If a match is interrupted for some reason and can’t be played to the end, the jury will have the final decision on the result/ continuation of the match.

12. Match Courts


All the playing courts are non-marking surfaces.

13. Match schedule

The organization committee has the right to change the groups, times and court venues.

14. Insurance and responsibility


By registering to participate in SG Open, the registrant (who is the team manager in charge) verifies that they have been made aware of these stipulations and that the team manager in charge has the necessary authority and permission from the participants, the participants’ guardians and the registered association. Participation in the tournament is at the participants’ own risk and the team manager in charge is responsible for all participants whom the team manager has registered and included in the list of participants.


The team manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each participant is responsible for his or her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Singapore must have personal medical insurance. Neither SG Open nor the organizer has collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or damages. 


Neither SG Open nor the organizer is responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of SG Open or the organizer, such as war-like events, fire, flood, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.

*If the tournament is cancelled by the organizer, all teams will be given a full refund. If a team is unable to participate due to Covid regulations and restrictions, they will be given a full refund as well.

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