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2019 is the best year ever!

SG Open III Teams

Hammarby IF IBF 

Country: Sweden

This is Hammarby IF IBF - Team DJ. 

We have played Storvreta cupen 7 years in a row and have played the final 2 years and got 3rd place 2 years. This year we are rookies in the highest division for Damjuniorer and are right now in 3rd place. 

#9, Saga is the top scorer in the league at the moment. We also have two girls that was part of the Stockholm winning team for girls 2002, #18 Tyra Muller Nord and goolie #99 Klara Norberg.


Our team is known to have lot of fun both on and off the court. Our motto is Rock’n Roll Bajen, which also is the name of one of our instagram account if you want to check us out. 



Country: Philippines

This is Team Philippines.

They have played in this year's WFCQ (World Floorball Championships Qualifiers) and is hosting the upcoming SEA Games 2019. 

Catch them live in SG Open as they play against top teams in the Elite Category.

Dalen IBK

Women's Team

Country: Sweden

Dalen plays in the Swedish Super League, a top league in Sweden and they are based in a city called Umeå. Club is founded in 1990 and it is one of the biggest clubs in Europe. They will be playing in SG Floorball Open III Elite Category. This year's tournament will be an exciting and interesting one. The ladies team is currently on the 8th place on the SSL Table as well.

Dalen IBK

Men's Team

Country: Sweden

Dalen plays in the Swedish Super League, a top league in Sweden and they are based in a city called Umeå and they were established in 1990.
Dalen's vision is to aim to be one of the world leading global floorball clubs on all levels.
Dalen is a strong brand name that is focused on leading in both Elite and Participation.

Aussie Exports (Women)

Country: Australia

The Aussies are back again this coming SG Open III! The ladies of Aussie Exports were last year's 1st Runner Up. Will they win back this year's championship title? Find out more as we will be updating on the teams coming to SG Open III through our instagram and website!

Aussie Exports (Men)

Country: Australia

The champions of the Men's Elite & Pro Category 2018!!! After a tough fight with our defending champions of SG Open 2017, the Aussie Men fought hard and managed to clinch the Championship title of SG Open II 2018. In addition, they will be sending another boys team and they will be called Western Export. Which team will make it to the finals or will they both compete for the Championship title?

Pixbo Wallenstam


Country: Sweden

The next team that will be coming for SG Floorball Open III is Pixbo Wallenstam Women's team and will be playing in the Women's Elite category.
Pixbo Wallenstam was formed in 1981 and it is one of the oldest and biggest clubs in Sweden and Europe.
This year, the Women's Elite category will be so exciting and we can't wait for the Singapore teams to have the best experience competing against these world class teams.
Will they also compete heads to heads with Dalen IBK? May the best team wins!



Country: Singapore

Merahans Knightingales is one of the top teams in Singapore's Premier Division 1 Ladies League. They have came in 3rd place in the last SG Open as well as in the league. They are one of the fastest and youngest team in Singapore's Top League. Catch them live as they play against these International teams from 20th - 23rd June 2019. See you there!


Country: Singapore

Merahans is a men's team and is also one of the top teams in Singapore's Premier Division 1 Men's League. They played extremely well in the past SG Opens and will be doing it again in the upcoming one. Will they dominate the tournament and be the next Singaporean team to beat the International teams? To find out, join us on the 20th - 23rd June where they will be playing! Stay tuned!

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