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Summer Camp: Introduction

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

From left to right: Tobias Gustafsson, Gustav Fritzell, David Jansson, Jon Hedlund, Valdemar Ahlroth.

The Summer Camp features one of the top coaches in the world, current Switzerland National Team Coach, David Jansson. He has been appointed as Head Coach & Director of Coaching for this camp. David has an outstanding track record with Switzerland including top-tier Swedish Club, Pixbo, and other prominent Swiss Clubs.  David is highly qualified possessing three bachelors including a Bachelor of Sports Science and Certificates in Sports Psychology, Talent Development and Applied Coaching. He is a regular featured speaker at seminars for other sports such as the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and Swiss Federal Sports Institute for sports such as Fencing, Climbing, etc. The topics he covers include Mindset Development, Effective Decision Making (Ball Possession), Group & Team Psychology among others.  4 of 10 world class players including Tobias Gustafsson has been signed as well. He is considered to be the best defender in the world and a stalwart with the Swedish league champions Storvreta and Sweden National Team. Some of the aspects covered include the following: fundamentals, situational floorball, tactical, strategic, post video analysis, fitness & conditioning and nutrition.

  Assistant Coaches Coach (Forward): Gustav Fritzell Coach (Forward): Valdemar Ahlroth Coach (Playmaker/Defence): Tobias Gustafsson Coach (Goalkeeping): Jon Hedlund Curriculum - Involvement in practice sessions conducted by world renowned David Jansson - Execution of Drills including Consultation of Game Plans - "Live" Coaching of a Swedish All Stars Team under the Guidance David Jansson  - Strategic Game Play including forming Counters, Power Play, Box Play, 6 v 5 & Free Hits  - Scouting & Recruitment Tactics

We offer participants different categories so that the trainings can cater to the different experience levels. We’re glad to have students sign up for the Summer Camp as this will be extremely beneficial for them as they are able to gain some knowledge from top Floorball players in the world. Besides students, we are also excited to have international participants joining us from Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand.

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