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Women Elite: Hammarby Innebandy Dam Junior

Hammarby IF IBF was founded in 1993. The association started with a mens' team and the year after a ladies' team also existed. Hammarby has big focus on the youth department and have big teams with children born in 2006 and later.

Team “DJ” (Dam Junior) started in 2010-2011. From the start our main focus has been to have fun, play good Floorball and try to keep as many players as long as possible. In the team coming to SG Open, a handful of the players have been in the team from the start. We have been in tournaments all around Sweden and also two years in Prague.

Wherever these girls go, there are music, singing and dancing. They often make people stop on the streets to watch them. Check out the video here!

In the current season, Hammarby plays the Junior Nationals, Stockholm Junior Division 1 and Division 2.

In their first year of SG Floorball Open, their goal will be same as in all tournaments - deliver the high level of Floorball that they know they can, and then they will see how far it takes them.

Hammarby wants to take this opportunity to explore Singapore and its surroundings, meet new people and most importantly, have fun!

As a spectator, you should see them as a team that always play offensive Floorball with lots of energy. The players really play like a team and more than often, make one pass to many to score a nice goal. On the bench, you will hear them speak a lot, regarding tactics and other things. Hammarby really hate to loose, but they are famous for their way of acting on the court. Playing intense Floorball, having fun, speaking with the referees, and never ever giving up, no matter what the score board shows.

Do look out for #9 Saga Emtell, who has been the leagues top scorer the past seasons, and

#18 Tyra Müller Nord who represented Stockholm in District Champion ships and after that is ranked among top 30 woman players in her age group.

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