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Elite Men & Women: Dalen

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

With SG Floorball Open being one week away, let us get to know more about the teams who are competing in SG Floorball Open.

First in this series, we have IBK Dalen. They were established in 1990 in Umeå, Sweden. Currently, they are playing in the Swedish Superliga, SSL.

Premiering in this year's SG Floorball Open, they are already hoping to take the gold in the tournament, for both their Men and Women teams.

They are looking forward to see how Floorball is in Asia and meet new Floorball friends!

During their games, look out for Måns Parsjö Tegnér. Besides playing for Dalen, he is also the goalie in the Swedish National Team.

Watch out for the Dalen teams! They have signed a contract to compete again in future SG Floorball Open tournaments. Hope this will give teams time to prep, knowing that they could possibly play against Dalen ;-)

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